Ultimate spider-man the new series on dicney xd is coming soon.( camed already)

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main characterEdit

A young man named peter parker is bullied in  his main school when he gets bitten by a spider, he starts to gain super human sence power, hes uncle dies by a robbery who he met in a restling match , now hes
Ultimate Spider-Man Cell - E3 2010 Trailer00:47

Ultimate Spider-Man Cell - E3 2010 Trailer

about to evenge his uncle's death.

other charactersEdit

power-man- he named himself after spider-man

tiger- is known to be agile and a great fighter. 

nova- is the leader of the squad even though hes the youngest

dr. octo- really hates when others call him old,and weak ,and the one he really hates is spider-man

nick fury- the leader of sheild

harries father- is the main problem for all the robbering and peters identity

iron fist- his alwase calm like all monks

venome- is an alian that was created by dr. oct, that was created to go on spider-man and find  his identity

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